Group Visit

Delegates who plan to visit the show with a group of 6 or more people, are eligible to apply for a "Group Visit".

Group Visit is the most suitable for visitors with following purposes:
 - organising (inspection) tours, employee training programs
 - visiting with superiors, colleagues, business partners
 - teaming up with colleagues to visit all exhibitors

Group Visit Privileges

1. Smooth Registration

Show Management will prepare the visitor badges of all your group members beforehand,
so that you can enter exhibition halls smoothly.
*Each member will be asked to submit their business card at the show venue.

2. All group members being invited as "VIP Guests"

As VIP guests, each member may use VIP Lounge for free soft drink & business meeting space.

3. Smooth Reservation for Bilingual Session

Show Management secures seats and e-ticket for all your members.

>> Details on Bilingual Session

4. A Group Photo Shot

How to apply?

Step 1.
Download the application form from the button below.
Step 2.
Fill in the details.
Step 3.
Send it back to Show Management. >>
Step 4.
You will receive an email of confirmation from Show Management.
Step 5.
Show Management will send you the "Exchange Form" around the beginning of September, 2017.
Please print out the Exchange Form and bring it to the venue.

* This file is distributed by Show Management to visitors as a purpose of supporting group visits to the show.
* This file is created with Microsoft® Excel 2010. Please note that if different software or versions are used,
the layout of the file may change.
* Show Management is not responsible for any damage or harm caused by the use of this file.
Once agreed, the user will be deemed to have consented to the above terms.

Agree & Download

*Manufacturing World is a B to B trade show. Students or those under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the show.